The CaiRollers was foundedin in 2012 by Shaneikiah Bickham (Naughty Venn Close-New Orleans' Big Easy Rollergirls alumni) and Angie Malone-Kaster (Indie Hannah-London Rollergirls alumni).

CaiRollers welcomes diversity, with skaters of Egyptian nationalities, dual-citizenships, and ex-pats, different belief systems and various professions and backgrounds.

The dream is to build a large, sustainable and competitive roller derby league in Egypt.

A roller derby bout (match) is a series of  2-minute jams where two opposing teams of 5 players (1 jammer and 4 blockers) roller skate around a track, trying to get their jammer to pass the blockers and score the most points.
Players are exclusively women and have to be over 18. However, referees and other non-skating officials can be of either gender.