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Ultra high power graphite electrode

Ultra high power graphite electrode

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  • Release date:2019-11-22 11:32:01
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Detailed description:

Graphite electrode is a kind of high temperature oxidation resistant conductive material produced by a series of processes such as crushing, batching, kneading, molding, roasting, impregnation, graphitization, mechanical processing using petroleum coke as aggregate coal pitch as binder. .

Graphite electrodes have good electrical properties chemical stability, high mechanical strength at high temperatures, low impurity content, good vibration resistance. It is a good conductor of heat electricity. It is widely used in steel-making electric arc furnaces, refining furnaces, submerged arc furnaces for the production of ferroalloys, industrial silicon, yellow phosphorus, corundum, other smelting furnaces that use electric arcs to generate high temperatures.

According to the different power current when used, it is produced with different raw materials production processes. It can be divided into ordinary power graphite electrodes, high power graphite electrodes, ultra-high power graphite electrodes. According to the diameter of the electrode, there are different specifications of φ75~600mm. According to the special requirements of users, graphite electrodes special-shaped graphite products of special specifications can be processed.


Output: 3000 tons/month

Specifications: 16"(400mm), 18"(450mm), 20"(500mm), 22"(550mm), 24"(600mm).

Raw material: needle coke, pitch

Packing: export wooden cage packing

Minimum order quantity: 1

Delivery time: within one month after order