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The manufacturing industry will make up for shortcomings will "six ways to advance simultaneously". Guiding documents to promote the innovation development of major short-board equipment are expected to be issued

2019-11-22 11:33:13

The reporter was informed that this year my country will continue to implement the set goals tasks of "Made in China 2025", at the same time, it will intensify its efforts in six aspects: strengthening innovation, filling shortcomings, promoting integration, optimizing structure, expanding opening, creating a market environment. , Will issue guidance documents to promote the innovation development of major short-board equipment, launch a batch of major short-board equipment engineering projects to improve supply capacity.

Manufacturing shortcomings are imminent

At present, my country's high-end equipment manufacturing industry is developing strongly, its proportion in the industry continues to increase. However, as a manufacturing country, the contradiction of "big but strong" still exists. According to data research institutions, although my country’s equipment self-sufficiency rate is 85%, it is mainly concentrated in the low-end middle-end fields; in the high-end equipment field, 80% of integrated circuit chip manufacturing equipment, 40% of large-scale petrochemical equipment, 70% of key automotive manufacturing Equipment advanced intensive agricultural equipment still rely on imports.


In the next step, my country will focus on improving the core competitiveness of the manufacturing industry in six aspects: one is to strengthen independent innovation with greater efforts. Do a good job in the construction of a national manufacturing innovation center, do a good job in technological innovation in key areas such as large aircraft, engines, new materials, new energy vehicles, 5G, integrated circuits, industrial Internet that are related to the national economy, people's livelihood the lifeline of the industry. The second is to lay a solid foundation make up for shortcomings. Continue to strengthen the implementation of industrial strong foundation projects, speed up the pace of engineering in response to shortcomings weaknesses in key areas, strive to have independent guarantee capabilities as soon as possible. The third is to promote integrated development. Continue to highlight the main line of the integration of the two, promote the in-depth integration of a new generation of information technology the manufacturing industry, promote the further development of the manufacturing industry in the direction of digitalization, networking intelligence. Cultivate a number of industrial Internet platforms, expand strengthen basic industries such as integrated circuits software, continue to support a number of smart manufacturing pilots, cultivate a number of system solution suppliers. Vigorously promote the deep development of military-civilian integration. The fourth is to optimize the industrial structure. Continue to make great efforts to promote the relocation upgrading of traditional industries, accelerate the cultivation of new kinetic energy, vigorously develop emerging industries such as industrial robots, intelligent networked vehicles, artificial intelligence, big data. The fifth is to create a fair competitive market environment. Research to further reduce the tax burden of manufacturing enterprises, further clean up standardize corporate fees, increase financial support for the real economy, further improve the construction of the property rights system. Sixth, expand the opening up of the manufacturing industry accelerate the full opening of industries such as automobiles, ships aircrafts. Strengthen the docking cooperation between "Made in China 2025" the global manufacturing industry.

Industry insiders pointed out that core technology cannot always be imported, it is imminent to make up for the shortcomings of advanced manufacturing. At present, policies to encourage the new economy are being introduced one after another. In the future, efforts will be continuously increased in strengthening independent innovation core technical support, tax fee reduction will continue to increase.

Speed up the development of advanced manufacturing

The spokesperson of the Ministry of Industry Information Technology Chen Yin said on the 25th that the next step is to accelerate the development of advanced manufacturing enhance mid-to-high-end supply capabilities. The five major projects of "Made in China 2025" will be promoted as a whole, the new material industry "folding project" will be implemented to promote the deep integration of the Internet, big data, artificial intelligence manufacturing, vigorously cultivate new momentum. Speed up the optimization upgrading of traditional industries, comprehensively enhance the quality advantages of advanced manufacturing. Promote the expansion upgrading of information consumption, formulate publish information consumption development guidelines, deepen the creation of national information consumption pilot demonstration cities, promote the innovation development of hot products services such as smart homes, wearable devices, virtual displays, blockchain. Create a good environment that is conducive to improving the quality of manufacturing supplies, reduce institutional transaction costs, adopt an innovative, inclusive prudent supervision model for new technologies new formats.

Chen Yin pointed out that my country's integrated circuit industry is developing rapidly, the overall strength has been significantly enhanced, the industrial scale has grown rapidly. However, there are still gaps in chip design, manufacturing capabilities, talent teams. It is necessary to further accelerate development, accelerate the promotion of core technological breakthroughs, strengthen international industrial cooperation. Currently, the IC Development Fund is conducting the second phase of fundraising, all companies are welcome to participate in the fundraising.

China Merchants Securities believes that in the long run, my country must accelerate the pace of independent innovation, localization of cutting-edge technology industries is imperative, companies with strong independent innovation capabilities will receive long-term policy support. a thematic point of view, the country will increase its support for short-term industries such as integrated circuits optical modules, is optimistic about themes such as integrated circuits, cloud computing, innovative drugs, OLEDs, military industries.

Huatai Securities believes that in the next five years, China's manufacturing industry is expected to transform upgrade the traditional low-end to mid-to-high end. It is recommended to focus on the high-end manufacturing subdivision industries that have certain core technologies fit the key breakthrough direction of "Made in China 2025", including: integrated circuits, military industry, large aircraft, advanced materials, high-end machine tools, core components, etc. In the field of machinery equipment, we continue to be optimistic about leading companies in global superior industries such as high-speed rail construction machinery, as well as technologically powerful companies in fast-growing industries such as integrated circuit equipment robotics.