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The development roadmap of advanced manufacturing industry is determined

2019-11-22 11:33:13

The reporter learned the Ministry of Industry Information Technology other authoritative departments that in order to promote the development of advanced manufacturing, my country will accelerate the development of new materials, biomedicine, electronic information, 5G, energy conservation environmental protection other emerging industries, promote the Internet, big data, artificial intelligence manufacturing. Deep integration. In addition, a new round of major technological transformation upgrading projects in the manufacturing industry will be implemented to accelerate the level of digitalization, networking intelligent development of the manufacturing industry, so as to greatly increase labor productivity added value, comprehensively improve the overall manufacturing industry chain. Competitiveness.

The development of advanced manufacturing is an inherent requirement for the transformation upgrading of my country's manufacturing industry, it is also the only way for my country's economy to enter the stage of high-quality development. In this regard, the report of the "19th National Congress" clearly stated that "accelerate the construction of a manufacturing power accelerate the development of advanced manufacturing." At present, all walks of life have reached a consensus that advanced manufacturing, driven by various emerging industries driven by new technologies such as big data artificial intelligence, will be the main driving force for the long-term healthy development of my country's real economy in the future. Under this requirement, my country's manufacturing industry will gradually shift traditional machinery manufacturing to high-end equipment manufacturing strategic emerging industries.


In fact, in order to promote the development of advanced manufacturing, my country has successively introduced a number of policy measures. On May 8, 2015, the State Council formally issued "Made in China 2025" set a "three-step" manufacturing power strategic goal: to become a manufacturing power by 2025; China's manufacturing industry as a whole to become a world manufacturing power by 2035 The camp is at a medium level; in 2049, its comprehensive strength will enter the forefront of the world's manufacturing powers. Subsequently, "Guiding Opinions on Deepening the Integrated Development of Manufacturing Internet", "Outline of National Innovation-Driven Development Strategy", "Guiding Opinions on Deepening the Integrated Development of Manufacturing Internet", "Three-Year Action Plan for Strengthening the Core Competitiveness of Manufacturing Industry" (2018-2020)" other policies have also been introduced successively, drawing a comprehensive development roadmap for the development of my country's advanced manufacturing industry.

According to the work arrangements of authoritative departments such as the National Development Reform Commission, my country will also introduce a number of key technology implementation plans for specific segments in the next few years. These include: implementation plan for the industrialization of key technologies for rail transit equipment, implementation plan for the industrialization of key technologies for high-end ships marine engineering equipment, implementation plans for the industrialization of key technologies for intelligent robots, implementation plans for the industrialization of key technologies for intelligent vehicles, key technology industries for modern agricultural machinery化 implementation plan.

It is reported that in order to ensure the smooth implementation of the above policies, the Ministry of Industry Information Technology other ministries commissions will also introduce a series of supporting measures. Minister of Industry Information Technology Miao Wei revealed at the recent China Development Forum 2018 that China will also implement the construction of a national manufacturing innovation center in the future, focusing on the needs of major basic common technologies, building a number of high-level manufacturing innovation centers. Strengthen applied basic research, expand the implementation of major national science technology projects, increase key core technology research transformation of results; implement fiscal taxation policies that are conducive to the transformation upgrading of manufacturing, implement financial policies measures to support the real economy, fully implement a talent-powered country The strategy is to focus on the key areas of manufacturing development, the cultivation introduction of innovative talents, improve the incentive mechanism of talents; further expand the opening up of the manufacturing industry international cooperation, strengthen the docking cooperation between "Made in China 2025" the global manufacturing industry.

Xin Guobin, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Industry Information Technology, previously stated that, on the one hand, the development of advanced manufacturing is to ensure the smooth realization of the "Made in China 2025" strategy goals; on the other hand, it is to promote the transition of my country’s manufacturing industry the bottom of the "smiling curve" to the two ends achieve "Overtaking at both ends." Therefore, a major theme for the future development of my country's manufacturing industry is to develop advanced manufacturing in an all-round way, to improve the overall level of manufacturing.

“my country’s policy support for manufacturing continues to increase. The core is based on the demand for consumption upgrades. Through structural adjustment targeted optimization on the supply side, it will further promote the transformation upgrading of traditional business formats the development growth of emerging business formats, thereby promoting new old momentum. The continuation of the conversion." Wu Qi, a researcher at the China Minsheng Bank Research Institute, told reporters.

The interpretation documents provided by the National Development Reform Commission the Ministry of Industry Information Technology stated that advanced manufacturing, represented by strategic emerging industries high-end manufacturing, is at the high end of the manufacturing value chain at the core of the industrial chain, is also a key factor in determining the overall competitiveness of the entire industrial chain. . In this field, my country has only made a series of important breakthroughs in the fields of aerospace, large aircraft, high-speed rail, CNC machine tools, new energy vehicles, etc., but also has continuously increased its international share in high value-added industries. In addition, judging the current development trend, my country also has a certain potential for development in a large number of new industries such as 5G, supercomputers, drones. Therefore, vigorously developing these industries will further enhance the level of my country's advanced manufacturing industry the overall international competitiveness of the manufacturing industry.