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Li Keqiang responded to the Sino-US trade friction: closing the door to others will block his own way

2019-11-22 11:33:13

On the afternoon of March 26, Premier Li Keqiang had a discussion with foreign representatives attending the 2018 China Development Forum.

Maurice Greenberg, Chairman CEO of American Star Investment Group, asked: "Some people say that China the United States are sitting down talking. Is there any progress? Can you make some comments?"

Li Keqiang said that recently, there have been endless talks about Sino-US trade disputes even a trade war. I emphasize here that there will be no winners in a trade war. It is only bad for both sides, but also bad for the world.


He emphasized that the current world economic recovery is showing a positive trend, the whole world should work together to promote the recovery of international trade, then promote the recovery of the world economy. To achieve this, we must adhere to multilateralist trade rules oppose trade protectionism, so that everyone can share the benefits of world economic development.

Li Keqiang said that doing trade is originally a bargaining process, trade frictions are inevitable, especially since the scale of trade between China the United States reached 580 billion US dollars last year.

"What I want to emphasize is that such a high trade volume is basically achieved by the power of the government, but more by the power of multilateral trade rules the market." Li Keqiang said, "There is trade friction, the government should maintain rationality. Negotiation methods business rules to resolve. I believe that China the United States have the wisdom to resolve this issue."

Li Keqiang said that China the United States have experienced ups downs in the economic trade field for decades, but the trade volume has always been increasing. "We hope to advance the trade balance between China the United States by increasing the increase. Because closing the door to others will block our way." He said.

He emphasized that China has never pursued a trade surplus with any country because it is unsustainable. China hopes to continue to maintain communication with the United States properly resolve trade frictions with each other. The end result is to benefit both sides.

Li Keqiang finally reiterated: "China will open wider wider to the outside world, hope that US companies will continue to increase investment in China."