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The obvious development trend of the graphite electrode industry will be professional, innovative more diverse

2019-11-22 11:33:13

Graphite electrode product Graphite powder purity is an important parameter of graphite powder, it is a must to understand for graphite powder graphite powder purchase users. Graphite itself is a natural elementary crystalline mineral of carbon, the fixed carbon content is the main indicator of the purity of graphite powder. Graphite powder must be tested for various parameters before leaving the factory undergoing reprocessing. Among them, graphite powder purity testing is an important one.

Graphite powder purity measurement is to detect the proportion of the fixed carbon content of graphite powder. Because graphite has good chemical stability at room temperature, it is convenient to directly determine its carbon content. Generally, the high-temperature volatilization method of the material to be tested is used to convert the carbon content. That is, the carbon content is calculated based on the value of graphite being oxidized to carbon dioxide volatilized at high temperature. Graphite powder purity calculation method, that is, fixed carbon (%) = 100%-ash (%)-volatile (%).


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The specific method for testing the purity of graphite powder is as follows: use an electronic analytical balance to accurately weigh two samples of 1 gram of graphite powder, put them into a double-covered porcelain crucible a graphite boat of known weight, bake them in a drying oven at 105°C to a constant weight. , record the graphite powder weight G1 G2 respectively. Put the double-covered porcelain crucible with graphite powder into a high-temperature furnace. At a constant temperature of 950°C, use a stopwatch to count for 7 minutes, then take it out in a desiccator cool to room temperature. Weigh the graphite powder G3. For the graphite boat of graphite powder, the graphite powder is taken out cooled to room temperature after a constant temperature of 950°C in a high temperature furnace for 90 minutes. At this time, the weight of the material is the weight of ash G4. First, calculate the volatile content of graphite powder V (%) = (G1-G3)/ G1×100%, so that the formula for the purity of graphite powder is C(%)=[(G2-V- G4)/ G2 ]×100%. The purity of graphite powder is a very important parameter, especially when testing the purity of high-purity graphite powder, the purity of graphite powder must meet the purity requirements of high-purity graphite powder to be a qualified product. With the development of the mold graphite industry, it has gradually transformed a traditional model to a more diversified direction. It is a rare thing for companies to group cross-border to survive grow. In the future demand environment, consumption will follow the product. Has a more individual professional dedication,

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Therefore, the graphite mold industry is actively transforming to follow the trend improve enrich the product content. The development of enterprises definitely requires specialization. A dealer said that in terms of the current situation, few enterprises can do very well across industries. Such as ceramic tile across graphite mold, graphite mold across ceramic tile, cabinet across graphite mold, etc. Each field does have its own threshold particularity, which cannot be easily achieved by an enterprise. The accumulation improvement of talents, technology, channels requires a process.

The 20th Kitchen Bathroom Exhibition opened, the kitchen bathroom exhibition discussed by industry professionals gathered more in the field of graphite molds. But it is true that kitchen bathroom are separated. In the development of the exhibition in recent years, especially the full opening of Hall N, cabinet companies, kitchen appliance companies, ceiling companies other manufacturers have moved in, various supporting companies have also entered, making the exhibition’s functions highlights Rich perfect, the harvest can be even greater!

But the integration of industries seems inevitable. Why graphite molds, cabinets, kitchen appliances, ceilings can be exhibited in one exhibition is actually the demand of the market customers. Of course, specialization diversification are themselves a topic that has been developing dialectically. The development of the Shanghai Kitchen Bathroom Exhibition is a new stage. The exhibition enterprises are actually preparing for transformation silently. This trend is actually a microcosm of the transformation of Made in China. In this exhibition that opened on June 3, 2015, we may be able to see more "Internet +" shadows, more "intelligence" shadows, more micro-innovation practices.