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The industrial revolution brought about by the application of graphite electrodes in the mold industry

2019-11-22 11:33:13

Graphite electrode Graphite powder is often used in industrial production, but in daily life, graphite powder is also useful, the following is a brief introduction, the life of graphite powder is magical, graphite powder is a natural lubricant, graphite powder itself is self-lubricating It is very good, processed into very fine graphite powder, its lubricity is better, so that it can be made into graphite powder lubricant for lubrication.

are graphite powder lubricants used in daily life? These are the most common door locks car locks, because the lock cylinder will react with the air for a long time, rust will occur, then the key will be difficult to turn, insert remove, difficult to unlock. I believe that this situation has been encountered by many people. Nowadays, many unlocking mechanisms lock maintenance personnel will recommend the lock cylinder graphite lubricant. This lock cylinder graphite lubricant is to solve the problem of difficult rotation of the lock cylinder.


It is very troublesome to prevent the key being twisted off during the process of turning the key. At the end, the lock can only be removed replaced, which is very troublesome. Nowadays, many people have lock core graphite lubricants in their families to maintain the lock core, but many people do have it. , This is the magical use of the graphite powder mentioned in life.

The lock core graphite lubricant contains special graphite powder for lubrication, but it does matter if there is no one. You can find a pencil scrape some very fine pencil lead powder with a knife, because the current pencil lead contains graphite powder. Graphite powder is lubricating. The disadvantage is that it takes time effort. The purity of the graphite powder is pure contains other ingredients. The lubrication effect is as good as the lock core graphite powder lubricant. It is also very troublesome to operate. It is as good as the lock core graphite powder lubrication. Agent is as simple as that.

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