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Uses of graphite powder

2019-11-22 11:32:38

Graphite powder is an important raw material for industrial production. There are many uses of graphite powder in the industry. The uses of graphite powder are different, the graphite powder used is different. Various graphite powders basically use natural flake graphite as The raw material, natural flake graphite is mechanically crushed processed into flake graphite powder. The price of flake graphite powder is relatively cheap affordable. The price of graphite powder is an important parameter. The price of graphite powder is determined according to the purpose of graphite powder.


The use of graphite powder is divided according to its different properties. Graphite powder has good electrical conductivity, lubrication properties, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, etc. The use of graphite powder requires its particle size performance to meet certain requirements standards , Graphite powder used in the production of conductive materials is conductive graphite powder, graphite powder used in the lubrication field is graphite powder for lubrication, as well as graphite powder for refractory materials, graphite powder for batteries, graphite powder for graphene, etc. Graphite powder has good applications in metallurgy, lubrication, electrical conductivity, refractory materials, battery production other industrial fields.

The mesh number, carbon content, performance, etc. of graphite powder can affect the price of graphite powder. The use classification of graphite powder is classified according to different properties. Graphite powder plays different roles in different industrial production fields. The specifications, carbon content, performance of the powder have many relationships, the use of graphite powder has played an important role in industrial production. Graphite crucible uses better industrial application methods. For the design needs of emerging industries in the future, what everyone needs more is the beginning of advocating industrial spirit.

Graphite crucible has the characteristics of large volume density, high temperature resistance, fast heat transfer, acid alkali corrosion resistance, high temperature strength, high oxidation resistance, etc. Therefore, graphite crucible will inevitably be used to prevent corrosive substances during use. The graphite crucible has the ability to resist acid alkali, but for the refining of individual raw materials, the cleaning work after the crucible is used is very troublesome.

The graphite crucible needs to be added slowly when adding materials. What is added is scraps cannot be added a lot at one time. The graphite crucible has strong applicability is restricted by the smelting material. It has many advantages, so it is used in many departments such as metallurgy, foundry, chemical industry, etc. Graphite crucible needs to be kept clean during construction, slag needs to be cleaned regularly, proper tools should be used to avoid damage during cleaning. There are pores inside the graphite crucible, it needs to be preheated before use, so as to remove the internal moisture.

Its thermal conductivity is very strong, in use, it has strong resistance to rapid heating cooling, it has strong corrosion resistance. Therefore, it became a hot product immediately after launch. Especially the recently launched graphite crucible has become the future development direction, the overall stability thermal conductivity are even better.

The first task of cleaning the graphite crucible is to clean the chemical substances in the crucible, then clean it. It is necessary to decide what to use for cleaning according to what is the residual substance in the graphite crucible. Generally, the attachment on the graphite crucible is inorganic combustion. After the residue, we can use hydrochloric acid to clean up, most of which are soluble. Some carbon-containing residues cannot be dissolved in hydrochloric acid. At this time, nitric acid can be used for cleaning because nitric acid has strong oxidizing properties. , It can also be heated appropriately during cleaning. Graphite crucibles need to be kept clean. The inside outside should be bright. After a long period of burning, the outside of the crucible may be dull. It will go deep into the inside cause the crucible to be fragile cracked. Therefore, it must be clear of unclean things. If there are still five spots the surface is black, use fine sand that has passed 100 mesh without sharp edges rubbed gently with water to restore the surface gloss.

As the latest type of crucible, the silicon carbide crucible is made of crystalline natural graphite as the main raw material through the mixing of clinker. Graphite crucible has good thermal conductivity high temperature resistance. In the process of high temperature use, the coefficient of thermal expansion is small, it has certain strain resistance to rapid heat cold; it has strong corrosion resistance to acid alkaline solutions, has good Chemical stability. Graphite crucible features: high density, high temperature resistance, fast heat transfer, acid alkali corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, high strength, high oxidation resistance, etc.