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Application of ultra-high power graphite electrodes in the electronic semiconductor industry

2019-11-22 11:32:38

Ultra-high power graphite electrodes have been widely used mainly in the following aspects:

1. Graphite molds for non-ferrous metal continuous casting semi-continuous casting

In recent years, advanced production methods such as direct continuous ( semi-continuous) manufacturing of rods tubes molten metal are being promoted at home abroad. Domestically, this method has been adopted in copper, copper alloy, aluminum, aluminum alloy. Artificial graphite is considered as the most suitable material for continuous casting semi-continuous casting of non-ferrous metals. The production practice has proved that due to the graphite mold, the thermal conductivity is good (the thermal conductivity determines the solidification speed of the metal alloy), the self-lubricating performance of the mold other factors only increase the casting speed, but also due to the size of the ingot Accurate, smooth surface, uniform crystal structure, can be directly processed in the next process. This only greatly improves the yield rate reduces the loss of waste products, but also greatly improves the product quality.


There are two continuous casting methods: vertical continuous casting horizontal continuous casting.

2. Mould for pressure casting

Artificial graphite materials have been successfully used for pressure casting of non-ferrous metals. For example, zinc alloy copper alloy castings produced by pressure casting molds made of artificial graphite materials have been used in automobile parts.

3. Hot pressing mold

The artificial graphite hot pressing mold used for the pressure sintering of cemented carbide has the following characteristics:

First, if the pressing temperature is increased to 1350-1450 degrees, the required unit pressure can be reduced to 67-100 kgf/cm2 (that is, 1/10 of the cold pressing pressure); The same process is carried out, a dense sintered body can be obtained after a short time of sintering.

4. Molds for glass forming

Graphite materials are chemically stable, easy to be infiltrated by molten glass, will change the composition of the glass. Graphite materials have good thermal shock resistance small size changes with temperature. In recent years, they have become indispensable molds in glass manufacturing. Material, it can be used to make glass tubes, elbows, funnels other various shaped glass bottles.

5. Sintering mold others

Utilizing the characteristics of extremely small thermal deformation of artificial graphite materials, sintered molds brackets for transistors can be manufactured. It is now widely used has become an indispensable material for the development of the semiconductor industry. In addition, graphite molds are also used in cast iron molds, durable molds for various non-ferrous metals, cast steel molds, heat-resistant metals (titanium, zirconium, molybdenum, etc.), aluminum for welding rails. Hot welding molds, etc.

6. Graphite molds for centrifugal casting

Mold graphite has been successfully applied to centrifugal casting. The United States has used artificial graphite molds with a wall thickness of more than 25 mm for centrifugal casting of bronze bushings. In order to prevent the burning of the artificial graphite mold, certain anti-oxidation measures can be taken. After casting a certain number of castings, if the inner surface of the mold is found to be burnt, the size of the inner hole of the mold can be enlarged to be used for casting large-size casing. Qingdao Mingyuan Fengyue New Material is a new type of graphite processing enterprise with high-quality flake graphite powder as the main body graphite high-tech products as the leading factor. It has established long-term cooperative relations with more than 200 units at home abroad, is well received by users Praise.

Nano graphite powder is made of natural flake graphite as raw material, processed by special equipment mechanical crushing special production technology. Nano graphite is used as nanometer graphite powder. Nano graphite powder has a wide range of uses because of its small particle size carbon content. High amount, with good high lubricity, high conductivity, high temperature resistance, etc. The application range of nano graphite powder is in the industrial production fields such as lubrication conductivity.

Nano graphite particles are small, with good particle density, forming a chemically bonded, tough, almost non-wear protective layer on the metal surface. It can also be mixed with resin, rubber plastic products other non-conductive materials to make conductive composite materials. Nano graphite can also be made Conductive coatings, composite conductive coatings made by adding conductive fillers have durable stable electrical properties, good thermal conductivity, good electrical conductivity, high corrosion resistance. Nano graphite has uniform particle size, high purity, high surface activity, high conductivity, high lubricity, graphite powder with high temperature resistance, wear resistance, chemical stability. Therefore, the application range of nano graphite powder is very large in industry. Extensive.

The use of nano-graphite powder is also widely used in the repair of batteries. Adding nano-graphite to waste batteries can increase the storage capacity to more than 90% of the original extend the service life by at least one year. It saves the cost of using batteries to a large extent, also plays a huge role in the treatment of battery pollution environmental protection.

Graphite powder has a wide range of uses in industry. Graphite powder can be used in different industrial production fields. The use of graphite powder is different, the price of graphite powder is also different. Graphite powder is used in industrial lubrication, metallurgy, electrical conductivity, refractory materials, etc. Fields application effects are very good. Factors such as the purpose, particle size type of graphite powder can affect the price of graphite powder.

Graphite powder has many uses. Therefore, there are many types of graphite powder. Different types of graphite powder have different prices. The flake graphite is processed by different crushing equipment different production processes, can be made into various specifications. Graphite powder with different particle sizes. As a graphite powder manufacturer, the specifications of graphite powder produced are 80 mesh to 15000 mesh. The graphite powder specifications are different, the particle size is different, the price of graphite powder is also different. After the production process, the graphite powder With good lubricity, high temperature resistance, electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance, etc., graphite powder can also play a corresponding role in different production fields in the industry.

Graphite powder types include: flake graphite powder, ultra-fine graphite powder, nano graphite powder, colloidal graphite, expanded graphite, expandable graphite, micro-powder graphite, etc. These graphite powders are processed by different production processes. The uses are also different. Graphite powder has good applications in the production of lubricants, solid lubricants, graphite crucibles, refractory bricks, graphite electrodes, electric brushes, battery negative electrodes.