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What are the main advantages of graphite electrode joints

2019-11-22 11:32:01

In fact, the graphite electrode the graphite electrode joint are used together, the quality of the graphite electrode joint will directly affect the strength of the graphite electrode. Therefore, we cannot underestimate the graphite electrode joint. When choosing applying graphite electrode joints, there are many issues that need to be paid attention to, more information about graphite electrode joints needs to be mastered. In order to help you further understand the graphite electrode joint, I will briefly introduce its advantages.


Graphite electrode joints are easier to process, the processing speed is significantly faster than copper electrodes. For example, the use of milling technology to process graphite is 2-3 times faster than other metal processing does require additional manual processing, while copper electrodes require manual grinding. Similarly, if a high-speed graphite machining center is used to manufacture electrodes, the speed will be faster the efficiency will be higher, there will be no dust problems. In these processes, choosing tools with appropriate hardness graphite can reduce tool wear copper damage. If you specifically compare the milling time of graphite electrodes copper electrodes, graphite electrodes are 67% faster than copper electrodes. In general electrical discharge machining, the processing of graphite electrodes is 58% faster than copper electrodes. In this way, processing time is greatly reduced, manufacturing costs are also reduced.