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How to distinguish the quality of graphite powder its harm

2019-11-22 11:32:01

Graphite powder on the market is mixed. For people who don’t understand graphite powder, there are many ways to distinguish the quality of graphite powder. Today, flake graphite will introduce you to the method of distinguishing the quality of graphite powder its harm.

Low-temperature calcination method graphite powder has been calcined at 1200 degrees, the less the current color changes, the better


The more it sinks in the water, the better the quality

It's especially smooth if you pinch it with your hands

Good graphite powder is black bright

What are the hazards of inferior graphite powder:

Inferior graphite powder has low strength, poor thermal shock resistance, low temperature resistance oxidation resistance, no corrosion resistance, is easy to precision machining. Inferior quality only affects our use effect, but also affects our product quality , So when choosing graphite powder, we must keep our eyes open to choose.