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Graphite powder classification introduction of different uses

2019-11-22 11:32:01

Graphite powder is a good non-metallic conductor, so it has many practical applications in many industries. Graphite powder has a wide range of uses. According to its different uses, we can divide graphite powder into the following categories:

1. Flake graphite powder


Flake graphite powder is the most widely used, it is also the original material processed into other graphite powders. Flake graphite powder has good toughness, good thermal conductivity corrosion resistance, can be used as refractory materials, wear-resistant lubricating materials, conductive materials, casting, sand casting , Die high temperature metallurgical materials, etc.

2. Colloidal graphite powder

Colloidal graphite is formed by evenly dispersing graphite particles below 2μm in an organic solvent. Colloidal graphite is a viscous suspended liquid with black filaments. Colloidal graphite powder has the properties of high-quality natural flake graphite, has special oxidation resistance, self-lubrication plasticity under high temperature conditions, has good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity adhesion. It is mainly used in sealing, metallurgical demoulding other industries.

3. Superfine graphite powder

The specifications of ultra-fine graphite powder are generally between 1800 mesh 8000 mesh. They are mainly used in powder metallurgy release agents, making graphite crucibles, battery negative electrodes, additives for conductive materials.

4. Nano graphite powder

The main specification of nano graphite powder is D50 400 nanometers. The process of nano graphite powder is relatively complicated the yield is low, so the price is relatively high. It is mainly used in industries such as anti-corrosion coatings, lubricant additives, grease additives, precision graphite seals, etc. In addition, nano graphite powder also has high application value in scientific research institutions.

5. High purity graphite powder

High-purity graphite powder, as its name implies, has been highly purified, its conductivity is 100 times that of ordinary metals, it has a good lubricating effect. High-purity graphite powder is mainly used to make conductive coatings high-strength graphite electrodes.